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"Difficult is relative"

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Hi, I am Celso 👋, a Software engineer with focus on Front-end and User Experience. I have about 7 years of experience with technology and web development. During these years I worked in several projects and companies in various segments, I could contribute to products and services used on a large scale.

I have a formal graduation in technology, my course was Analise and System Development by Centro Universitário de Lins / Sao Paulo - UNILINS. Course in which I had the honor to be elected the best student of the class.

My focus in the development area has always been the front-end and interface development, however in these years of experience I had the opportunity to work as a full-stack for a few years, in this period I had contact with C#, ASP.NET, PHP and relational databases such as MySQL and SQL Server.

And in recent years, I`ve had opportunities in which I`ve been working with Javascript/Typescript with React as the main library. In this ecosystem, I had contact with retail e-commerce integrated with VTEX CMS, projects involving RPA products and services and automation and internal and back-office management systems.